upvoted.top:Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit

Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit


PRO 3000 Tone Generator with Probe KitHarris PRO3000 Tone & Probe Kit- 18 month warranty- Requires one 9 volt battery in each product to operate (not included)- “Works on virtually anycable or wire” – Cat 3/5/5e/6 etc. -Coax – De-energized Electrical Wire -Security Wire – Speaker Wire- Tones up to 10 miles on most cable- Harris’ PRO3000 Tone and Probe Kit is THE professional kit you need fortracing and toning wire or cable. Use it on de-energized AC wire, telephone/twisted pa…

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Tracing cables under floors/behind walls(r/sysadmin)

What you need is a tone generator and wand, aka: a fox and hound.

The toner is plugged into the line at the wall, and sends a voltage down it at a low frequency.

Most toners also have a spiked alligator clip that can connect a line without disconnecting the wire’s ends.

The tone detector (probe, wand or hound) is able to convert the magnetic field from that voltage into an audible sound.

Just wave the wand near the block/panel, and it starts screaming as you get close to the line you’re toning.

This is the one i use.


Edit: I’m curious about what your job title/field is. Most people in IT learn about these on the first job site.

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