upvoted.top:First Alert AF400 Tundra Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray

First Alert AF400 Tundra Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray


Effective on small kitchen and household fires, including electrical fires. Easy to use, designed with families in mind. Easy clean up, biodegradable and non toxic.

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this just happened(r/WTF)

ASAP, you should go and buy a couple of these and/or a couple of these.

Seriously, spend at least $50 to $100 and get (at least) four of them.

Then go outside, set up a fire (in a fire pit thing) in a safe location, and waste two of them to TRAIN yourself and your wife on HOW TO BE CONFIDENT IN USING THEM. (And not coincidentally determine whether the extinguishers you bought are any good.)

Then with some confidence, place them in appropriate locations around the house: at least ONE near/in the kitchen (but NOT right next to the stove); and a SECOND near your sleeping place (but out in the open on a convenient wall — within relatively easy reach for an adult — emphatically NOT in a closet!); ADDITIONAL extinguishers located near entrances are not a bad idea but are less critical — you will be a lot more likely to use the kitchen/bedroom ones.

Then Spend another $50 (or more) and get (and INSTALL) a bunch of these (or similar). Put them in these locations — focus on bedrooms and kitchen.

OH, and Maintain Them — change the smoke alarm batteries once a year (whether they “need” it or not) — and every other year or so swap out the fire extinguishers with new ones. Don’t “throw away” the old ones — use them to reTRAIN yourself and wife.

Now your wife did NOT do anything wrong. The PRIMARY THING is to make certain LIVING CREATURES (especially HUMANS) are safe.

But… once that is done — it is important for people to realize that the “fire department” will generally NOT “save your home” — that’s actually not their job [or at least not their primary goal], and all too often by the time they arrive on the scene it will be way too late to accomplish that. (Their actual job is to make certain your house is the “end” of the fire — that it does not spread to adjacent homes or buildings — and to that end, they will largely destroy your home, and everything in it.)

If anyone is going to “save” your home it is going to have to be YOU, and it has to be done quickly and EARLY — to do it right, you need to:

  1. Learn about the fire quickly (preferably before it is even a “fire” — i.e. while it is just smoking/smoldering but no flames — hence the SMOKE detectors); and…

  2. You need to be properly equipped — that means having an appropriate extinguisher (handy and in good condition).

INITIAL cost of those items is probably less than $100, and then after that less than $50 every year — that’s less than $5 a month: cheaper than a single Starbuck’s Latte.

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