upvoted.top:Final Fantasy FF7 Massive 78" Steel Sephiroth Masumane Samurai Katana Sword

Final Fantasy FF7 Massive 78″ Steel Sephiroth Masumane Samurai Katana Sword


Up for sale is a brand new exact replica of the Odachi sword used by Sephiroth. This massive and unique sword is called an Odachi, and measured at 78″ overall long. This sword features a 50″ blade that is solidly made with stainless steel. The blade is slightly sharpened. The sword is great to see and even better to hold in your hands. This would make a perfect gift for video game and animation weapon collectors.

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What is the worst impulse purchase you have ever made?(r/AskReddit)

I um, just bought a life-size replica of Sephiroth (from the game Final Fantasy 7)’s sword on Amazon.

It’s 78 inches… taller than me at 6ft1. According to reviews it takes two people to unsheath it/wield it.

My wife is going to flip when it gets delivered later today…

Edit: I’m still alive and she got a kick out of this post because I found out she just bought a 110lb ferret cage that I’m gonna have to carry up a flight of stairs. I think she won.

Edit: Pt. 2 due to the mass amount of questions about where I got it – here’s the link (it wasn’t expensive, I just impulse bought it while at the same time forgetting to also order some other necessities (diapers) that will result in hilarity or my wife killing me with said sword): www.amazon.com/Final-Fantasy-Massive-Sephiroth-Mas…

Aaaaand Edit Pt. 3: Will post pic when it arrives because Amazon lies about their shipping times! P.S. I cannot confirm nor deny that cats will be chased with it

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