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Smartphones Are Killing Camera Companies Again(r/technology)

Smartphones are killing :

  • GPS companies
  • Camera Companies
  • Phone Companies (landline)

because its cheaper to buy 1 device that does 100’s of things in 1

Edit: 1200 points?!?!? Was it something i said 😀 ?

Edit: I am stuggling to keep up with the replies to people saying that they prefer dedicated devices. Truth is, there won’t be such thing as a dedicated device much longer, it will contain all features just will be very good at doig a particular one. Under the hood smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, cameras are basically the same thing. What we will start to see is form factors of the same thing with some hardware made better than others. You can already buy Cameras with android installed because its just a very nice camera with a full computer built in, it is no different than a smart phone really.


Look at it, its the same as a smart phone with a good camera!

Also modular phones are coming so why buy more devices when you could swap out 1 piece for when you need ‘quality’ over ‘convenience’


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