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Every Drop Beauty Spatula


Swipe the head along the sides, bottom and underneath the bottle’s shoulders to retrieve all of the product. Beauty Spatula Product Uses -Cosmetics -Anti-aging Serums and Facial Creams -Hand, Body and Foot Care Products -Foundation -Hair Gels and Conditioners -Lip Stick -Tanning products -Whitening products -Any Liquids, Lotions or Creams -Use on any size or shape bottle or container -Washable and reusable.

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What’s your make up conspiracy theory?(r/MakeupAddiction)

Do you have a makeup spatula? If not, they are SO worth the ~5 dollar investment!

I hate that so many products are packaged like this. Even my stick foundation had about another month’s worth of product left in it once I scooped everything out.

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