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Etekcity 10 Pack Power Extension Cord Cable, Outlet Saver, 3 Prong, 16AWG-13A, UL Listed (Black, …


Note1.Etekcity have upgraded this product into 16AWG 125V/13A.2.Lifetime Warranty by EtekcityOptimize your reach for outlet power with simple buildable expansion. The Etekcity one foot power extension cable is a simple and affordable solution for adding a some length to your power cords. With a short lenghth of 12 inches, the bundle of cords saves space and solves the issue of using bulky plugs. These extension cords are built with durable resilience to last a lifetime of use. They are abrasi…

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Not the best choice for a stock image (xpost /r/pcmasterrace)(r/CrappyDesign)

I hate most power bricks for this, apparently they assume that they are so important that they can block two of my power outputs. I got those mini extension cords to get around that.

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