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How can I man the fuck up?(r/AskReddit)

1) Fuck the gym. Buy some weights. Buy a work out album (I STRONGLY recommend Rollins Band’s End of Silence). Turn the lights off in your room and lift those weights until the album is over. You don’t need anything other than yourself, some tunes, and something heavy. Fuck paying motherfuckers, they don’t love you.

2) Drink whiskey. Neat. And don’t order a weak whiskey. We’ll start you off on Jack. “Jack Neat.” “Thanks.” And tip like a boss. In cash.

3) Become a regular. Go to the same bar. Go to the same restaurants (fuck fast food, I said restaurant). Go to the same bank teller. Go to the same grocery cashier (self check out is for losers). Make contact with the same familiar faces. Then, learn their names. These people aren’t your friends, these people are your help. You’ve got to interact with strangers as though they’re friends.

4) Do shit by yourself. “Climb a mountain, tell no one” is perfect. Hike. Swim. Go to shows. Brew beer. Do something fucking cool and interesting. And don’t fucking tell anyone. This is your space where no one can touch you.

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