upvoted.top:Elegant Comfort® Wrinkle & Fade Resistant 1500 Thread Count - Damask STRIPES Egyptian Quality Lux...

Elegant Comfort® Wrinkle & Fade Resistant 1500 Thread Count – Damask STRIPES Egyptian Quality Lux…


Enjoy a Experience of a true luxury and a cool comfortable night”s sleep with exceptionally thin breathable Sheet set that have a silky soft feel and a lustrous finish. This Sheet set provide a lasting vibrancy of color no matter how often they are washed and are made of high strength micro fiber yarns that will stay soft silky and wrinkle free for years. Soft to the touch, easy care No ironing necessary. Elegant Comfort ® NOTE : TWIN SIZE SHEET IS 3 PC SET. — IT COMES WITH ONLY 1 PILLOWCASE

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What are some sex etiquette rules that you think everyone should be aware of?(r/AskReddit)

If you have roommates, it is a really good idea to have a few bottles of water in your closet so you don’t have to get dressed to get your guest some water.

Have an extra good pillow, ideally two, one firm and one soft so your guest is comfortable. Also, buy good sheets. A good bed helps lead to repeat guests.

Along the same lines, keep a few extra cheep toothbrushes. Before bed when you are brushing your teeth you can ask him/her if he/she wants to use a toothbrush. Make sure to give it to the guest in an individually wrapped still sealed wrapper. You don’t want to give off the perception that she’s just another girl/he is just another guy and that you have a pile of extra brushes around. If your guest asks, just say they are in case you travel.

  • One other. Basketball shorts and extra T-shirts. Just know that you will lose about 20% of them.

Someone asked “what are good sheets”

Here are two recommendations.

For those on a budget Just be aware they are microfiber. These sheets have a BS name. I used a sheet very much like this in college and were the best I could find for the money.

If your budget is less of an issue This is the kind I use and they are amazing.

This one is a mid priced sheet set. I have not tried them so YMMV, but the stats seem about right

Also, thank you for gold.

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