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Edwin Jagger Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor, Black


This fabulous traditional double edge safety razor is fitted with the latest precision manufactured Edwin Jagger DE razor blade head creating great interest among experienced wet shavers requiring a close and accurate wet shave with finished results comparable to the original straight cut throat razor. The classic closed comb head is expertly engineered and coated with high quality chrome plate. The highly polished handle is made from finest polished black acrylic capped with chrome plated co…

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About to pull the trigger, Thoughts?(r/wicked_edge)

The stand is pretty much pointless, but if you want one then get it. Buy a blade sampler pack, instead of just single brand. Here is as to why.

You could get silvertip brush from whippeddog.com for $26. Silvertip is higher quality of badger hair than pure.

With the saved money from stand and brush you could buy a Edwin Jagger DE8x razor. For example this one.

Edit: also you need a shaving cream/soap. Cream is usually recommended for beginners as it is easier to create lather with and is better choice if you have hard water. Here is few good and inexpensive shaving cream brands: Speick, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Proraso.

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