upvoted.top:Eagle Brand Medicated Oil 24 ml (0.8 Fl Oz)

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil 24 ml (0.8 Fl Oz)


Methol 14.5% w/w. Methyl Salicylate 18.6% w/w. Eucalyptus Oil 1.56 w/w.

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Doctors of Reddit: How often do you see patients after they have tried to self-medicate? What’s the worst mistake you’ve seen.(r/AskReddit)

Jesus Christ. This hits me hard because I used to spend summers at my grandma’s house where she had the most MESSED UP RANDOM ASS REMEDIES that either (1) made absolutely no sense, (2) would be harmful, or (3) a bit of both.

Sometimes it was (1) benign stuff like green oil (funny thing about us Asians. We’ll either become doctors, engineers (I’m an aero), of believe in some stupid remedy). Other times she thought that rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide would fix everything on your skin.

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Here is the green oil (on Amazon) [ www.amazon.com/Eagle-Brand-Medicated-Oil-0-8/dp/B0…. It seems that everybody’s grandma thinks it’s good for everything from anthrax to mesothelioma.

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