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Hi Reddit! I’m Jerry Greenfield, original co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s. I built an LED sign for Bernie the other night and stood on an overpass outside of Burlington, and I want YOU to try it as well! If Ben (my esteemed photographer) and I can do it, then so can you, and it’s a lot of fun, too.(r/SandersForPresident)


Hey everyone!

Over the weekend, I posted about a conversation I had with Ben & Jerry (the individuals, not the corporation) about the Bernie 2016 campaign, Reddit, and our next steps.

They suggested that we draw inspiration from the Overpass Light Brigade and form a LED Light Brigade for Bernie!

Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing, and so far, we have established teams in Sacramento, Savannah, Philadelphia, LA, San Jose, New York, and DC! BUT WE CAN DO BETTER!

So please, fill out this Google Form with some information about yourself, and help us spread the word about Bernie in a creative, cost-effective, and colorful way!

EDIT Pasting the instructions from my original post into this comment.

Hey all!

So for the last week or so, I’ve been in contact with Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (the people, not the corporation), talking about how we’ve been using Reddit as a campaign tool, and the countless avenues of support and creativity that have emerged.

They brought my attention to a group called the Overpass Light Brigade, a team of activists that use homemade LED signs to draw attention to a certain cause, protest, movement, or politician. Ben, Jerry, and I want to try and get several teams of volunteers established across the country, so that on FRIDAY DECEMBER 18th, each group can stand in a high-traffic area at night — like an overpass, a public park, or a busy traffic circle — and bring some colorful and bright attention to Bernie Sanders!

I know the window to make this happen is very, very, small, but we have the next Democratic Debate coming up on the 19th, and Christmas immediately after that, and we really want to get this project off the ground and gaining momentum before the new year.

Below, I’m providing some very basic information. Groups can choose between holding up a simple “BERNIE” sign, or going the extra mile and making “BERNIE 2016.” The former will be less expensive, and will take a little less time to make, but the choice is entirely yours. Depending on the number of interested parties you get, cost might not really even be a factor.

This sounds like it requires a lot of work…..

It really, really doesn’t. It’s as simple as cutting out some squares and gluing LED lights in the shape of letters. Then plugging in some batteries and standing outside for a few hours. It’s that simple.

But How Much Will It Cost?

For The “BERNIE” Sign

  • One 2′ x 6′ sheet of Corroplast. Black is the preferable color, but if that fails, then spray-painting one side black will be fine. Corroplast can be purchased online or from your local signmaker – it only cost us $25.00 for a 4′ x 8′ sheet from our local guy, which is enough for “BERNIE 2016.”

  • You don’t have to use corroplast, though. Cardboard would work just fine. It’s just not quite as weatherproof!

  • Eleven strands of 30 LED lights – each strand should be approximately 11 feet long, and they must be battery operated (three AA’s per strand) unless you have a portable generator or power brick. The lights can be purchased online. Here is 1 strand for $5.50 on Amazon and it comes with free two day shipping, since we can share Amazon Prime accounts.

  • You can also get a 3-pack for $16 on Lights.com, but without the free two-day shipping.

  • You can buy a 48-pack of AA batteries on Amazon for only $13.50 + shipping.

  • Hot glue, silicone sealer tube, super glue, caulk gun, etc – these household appliances are only a few bucks.

  • Power drill with drill bits – hopefully someone in your group owns a set, or knows a family member or friend who will let you use it.

Total cost, assuming you already own the power drill is around $100 dollars. That’s only $10 per person in a team of ten.

Still Interested? Here’s What I need From You.

I need volunteers! I need people to raise their hands, agree to set aside some serious time between now and the 18th.

  • Sign up on Google Forms and join the Bernie Light Brigade Slack team.

  • Divide into teams based on location. We already have people from LA, Philly, Sacramento, NYC, Austin, and San Jose, to name a few.

  • I have a collection of links on Google Drive that contain instructions, images, videos, tips, tricks, etc on how to acquire, assemble, and organize this entire project! Those links are accessible in Slack.

  • Share this post! Spread it to the state subreddits and on Facebook pages all over!

  • Brush up on the law and also read this article

I know this is short notice, but if we can even get a small handful of displays set up on the 18th, we can use that to inspire others the next time we do it! Three successful displays this time around could lead to 10 or 12 groups in January or February. And don’t even think about complaining about the winter! If I can do this up in Vermont, where the wind-chill hits negative 40 in the dead of winter, then you can do it too!

What’s In It For Me?

Possibly some awesome press from your local news affiliates, but additionally (and wayyyyyyyyyy more importantly), you’ll earn some BIG promotions within the Bernie Squad. This project requires both money, effort, AND time, and you’ll get some special, one-of-a-kind Light Brigade flair as a result.

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