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Dunkaroos Cinnamon Graham with Vanilla Frosting and Sprinkles, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 14)


DunkaroosDunkaroos are frostable fun for everyone! Each one-ounce packet of Dunkaroos contains graham cookies in whimsical shapes to dip, dunk, and dot a little or a lot. Dip cinnamon graham cookies into the rich vanilla and rainbow sprinkle frosting for a delicious treat.Individually packaged in snack-size pairs of cookies and frosting, Dunkaroos are perfect for on-the-go treats or a lunchbox surprise. Dunkaroos are made in the United States, and contain artificial flavoring….

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What product did you regularly buy in the past, but you can no longer find, and you miss it?(r/AskReddit)

Are you not from the US, or did you just not try very hard to find Dunkaroos? Mmm, I had forgotten those exist.

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