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Dotting 5 X 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure, 4 Ounce


Why pay more when you can have the top quality item at fraction of the price, shany dotting brushes are great for home and personal use, combine this item with shany image palettes, nail art set , nail polishes and shany stamper and find yourself in heaven. the set comes in PVC clear pouch holder. product of SHANY Cosmetics, please note the shany logo on the brushes

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Laqueristas, what do you think are the best nail art tools for beginners?(r/RedditLaqueristas)

This is what’s in my kit, aside from the polishes themselves; I [personally] get most of my things from Sally Beauty Supply, Amazon, and local drugstores/Target type places. Polishes come from anywhere I find something pretty.

Migi Nail Art

KISS Nail Artist Paint (Available at most drugstores. Another brand is LA Colors)

Dotting Tools

Nail Art Brushes

Cuticle oil/lotion

Superfine glass/crystal nail file

Nipper tool (I prefer Tweezerman; they haven’t gone dull like the Sally Hansen ones I replaced did.)

Nail polish thinner

Little cups for water marbling (my bf brings home Dixie sized cups)

Practice nail wheels

Stamps! I prefer Konad (deeper engravings, the sides aren’t sharp, prettier images), but also have BundleMonster (cheaper, more expansive packages; have cut myself a a few times, some images aren’t very deep and don’t hold much polish/transfer well).

French Manicure tip guides (some girls use hole reinforcements (also good for half moon manis) or tape)

Scotch tape

Vaseline (for water marbling)

Wedge makeup sponges (for gradient manicures)

Nail glue

Silk Wraps (available online or at a beauty supply store) What Are Silk Wraps?

Mixing palette (or paper plates, etc.)

Angled brush for cleanup (I also have pointed qtips, but the brush is much, much more precise.)

Tiny coffee straws (for splatter/drip manis, etc.)

Loose glitter, rhinestones, fimo sticks

Ummmmm….quick, someone else keep the list going!

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