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For oral use. Chewable tablets. Bismuth subgallate formula provides immediate odor control from ostomies and fecal incontinence.

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There’s a chemical you can buy over-the-counter (or from Amazon, whatever) called bismuth subgallate, brand name “Devrom”. It’s harmless and will make your feces and flatus odorless, or at least much less stinky. It’s used by people who’ve had surgery to shorten their bowel, which leads to some pretty amazing smells.

It’s not commonly used because (a) the company doesn’t aggressively market it, and (b) people tend not to mind the smell of their own intestinal products.

There are literally people out there whose shit don’t stink. Weird, eh?

Edit: Since apparently people are really interested in this, a bit more information: I read about this in Mary Roach’s Gulp last week; everything else I learned from doing some Google searches. I don’t own stock or have commercial interest in this, and I’ve never tried it myself. Most people reviewing it on Amazon seem happy with their results.

As for side effects, this random internet pharmacist says that it can cause GI bleeding, but is safer than aspirin in that regard. Also, it will apparently discolor your stool. (Which I guess means you can leave mysterious presents for people, since if you take away the color and smell, it’s just mud with a weird consistency… and a terrible bacterial hazard.) Ah, here’s a pharmacy handout: it may temporarily discolor your tongue as well, and you shouldn’t use it if you have liver or kidney problems, or if you’re pregnant. In general, ask your pharmacist, I guess.

In the 1970s, four patients got reversible encephalopathy which stopped when they were taken off of the drug. I don’t see anything else in PubMed. So, I guess, consult your pharmacist and have fun?

Edit 2: Since I’ve been asked twice about this, yes, it also makes your farts not stink. I should have said “farts” instead of “flatus”, but I think I’ve watched too much Mythbusters. Farts farts farts.

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