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DevaCurl No-Poo No-Fade Zero Lather Cleanser, 12 oz


This suds-free conditioning cleanser is great for dehydrated, chemically-treated curls. The gentle, citrus-scented formula also delivers UV protection to help slow color fading.

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Oddly, I always thought this, and my hair was as a result very dry and hard to manage. It would just do w/e it wanted like hay. (white guy, relatively short hair).

I switched over to “no-poo” which is generally marketed towards women with thick, heavy and wavy hair (Irish redheads and black women from what my Hairstylist told me). It doesn’t lather and has no parabens (w/e that is suppose to mean). I was basically stripping the sebum (natural hair grease from sebaceous glands) from my hair and it was ruining it, but the “no-poo” doesn’t do that.

Now I wash my hair about 1-2 times a week (more if i sweat a lot at the gym) but condition everyday. Worked wonders and it was a huge improvement. It is expensive shampoo, but I use it significantly less, and I got it in bulk from amazon.

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Be aware ladies, this isn’t for everyone. The shampoo is generally fine, but my girlfriend used the no-poo conditioner once (i dont buy it anymore) and it was very “heavy” and did not add volume.

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