upvoted.top:"Derby Extra" Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades

“Derby Extra” Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades


– All Derby Razor Blades are Manufactured from stainless razor blade steel strip from Sweden.
– All Derby Razor Blades are perforated, hardened and ground by utilizing most advanced equipment.
– All Derby Razor Blades cutting edges are deposited with CHROMIUM- CERAMIC, TUNGSTEN AND PLATINUM by advanced Spluttering Equipment for optimum EDGE STRENGHT thus longer shaving life.
– All Derby Razor Blades coated with a polymer for optimum SHAVING COMFORT.
– From beginning to end, all Derby Razo…

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reddit, what is one thing you think is way overpriced.(r/AskReddit)

You should consider a safety razor, you can get more info at /r/wicked_edge if you like. You can get a decent set up for less than $50 and buy razorblades for less than 10 cents each(here’s 100 blades for $8.20) while getting a much better shave.

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