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Dave Tiberi’s Basics of Self Defense [VHS]


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We locked eyes right when he said “asshole”. Most awkward elevator ride of my life.(r/AdviceAnimals)

Here’s what OP needs to do. Go back in time, but leave himself an extra 8 hours or so before the elevator encounter. This will allow him plenty of time to study and commit to memory self-defense tips from Dave Tiberi’s Basics of Self-Defense (featuring Dave Tiberi).

That way, when the elevator incident goes down, he is prepared to physically overwhelm his opponent and assume complete control of the situation. OP just needs to hope that his opponent hasn’t also watched Dave Tiberi’s Basics of Self Defense, or have access to the same time machine.

Good luck OP!

For all the winners out there looking to acquire the necessary skills to successfully and effectively neutralize the enemy, there’s good news. Dave Tiberi’s Basics of Self Defense (featuring Dave Tiberi) is available on Amazon for the absolutely not made up price of $195.90.

That’s right. For just under $200, you can order a 28-minute VHS tape of Dave Tiberi’s best kept secrets. Act quickly, apparently there’s only 1 remaining and my guess is it belongs to Dave Tiberi.

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