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EA is using origin to exclusively sell its new games, such as Crysis 2 and Alice:Madness Returns. They are no longer available on steam.(r/gaming)

UPDATE: EA blames Valve/Steam for Crysis 2 removal and Crysis 2 is no longer being advertised as “Only on Origin”.

These games are everywhere except for Steam.

Crysis 2 >Amazon >D2D >GG >Impulse

Alice: Madness Returns: >Amazon >D2D >GG >Impulse

I think it’s safe to say that this is no longer just a coincidence. EA is specifically going after Steam with Origin and leveraging their titles to do so. I know you’re all thinking it, but, deep down, you know it’s coming: Battlefield 3, exclusively on Origin. ಠ_ಠ

If you don’t like it, I hope you are prepared to not play Battlefield 3 or swallow some pride, because all of EA’s great marketing for that game just bought them a competitive DD platform… and maybe a few extra preorders with that exclusive DLC. ūüėČ

Wait, maybe we will actually see Battlefield 3 on Origin for $50 instead of EA’s new $60 PC price point! Ya know, since they’d theoretically be making more money on Origin than elsewhere?

EDIT: Reworded to not assume most of /r/gaming will hate this.

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