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Costume Agent Wilfred Adult Deluxe Dog Costume


Wilfred is the dog to envy! His foul mouth gives great advice to his FX co-star, Elijah Wood. If you’re a fan, or if you just like the idea of being an imaginary dog, then pick up this officially licensed costume.

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My boyfriend ordered a Wilfred costume. It came to my house first!(r/funny)

For those of you who wonder what all the massively downvoted and most likely non-visible comments are all at once?
Here you go!

Note – If you just came for the product links, here is the Official FX Costume at $99.95 and Amazon for $99.99 with free shipping.

skenyon1811 -3 points 36 minutes ago (2|5)

Meh, 2/10. Would bang.
NCC74656 -3 points 36 minutes ago (4|7)

if not for the cigarette she would look rather cute.
Kornstalx 9 points 34 minutes ago (10|1)

Look out boys, we got one those people over here.
leviathan713 2 points 18 minutes ago (2|0)

i dont get how they dont understand its a prop. fucking people
canister -1 points 32 minutes ago (6|7)

cigarettes are bad for you.
gleek_of_peace -4 points 26 minutes ago (2|6)

What’s it look like from behind? And at your ankles.
dogfunky -3 points 25 minutes ago (1|4)


Drstevebrule_MD -2 points 49 minutes ago (3|5)

Should have been a doobie in your mouth. Upvote still.
MLIola -4 points 30 minutes ago (1|5)

It’s a joint by the way, not a cigarette
space_boat 3 points 19 minutes ago (3|0)

Are you joking or…?
jykr -4 points 27 minutes ago (1|5)

It was his plan to get you to do doggystyle.
Quarter09 1 point 12 minutes ago (1|0)

I had to come all the way down here to see a doggy style comment.
jykr 1 point 4 minutes ago (1|0)

I ctrl+f’d for it and was surprised myself. Had a go, but apparently in vain.
donald_margolis -5 points 50 minutes ago (4|9)

So instead of cleaning up the the apartment like your boyfriend asked you to do, you chose to wear his costume and spend you entire day on reddit?
joinpanda -5 points 43 minutes ago (1|6)

Mountytime -5 points 29 minutes ago (1|6)

9/10 would bang.
Asshole_Perspective -5 points 27 minutes ago (3|8)

Youre too pretty to smoke. YOu dont want lines and bad skin, do you?
Stroudle -2 points 21 minutes ago (3|5)

Because that’s the only thing a woman shouldn’t smoke for. God forbid she look unattractive to a guy on the internet! Get over yourself.
Asshole_Perspective 0 points 16 minutes ago (2|2)

um wut?
ProtoDong -5 points 26 minutes ago (2|7)

Clean your fucking room!
Radzell -4 points 1 hour ago (3|7)

Your boyfriends response we he sees you
Caveman788 -6 points 47 minutes ago (4|10)

Cigarettes are bad. Mmkay?
Dreadnought9 -6 points 44 minutes ago (1|7)

now you guys have to do it doggie style in that costume
T3hBau5 -6 points 43 minutes ago (3|9)

Opening your boyfriends mail.. Scumbag GF.
Ghooble -7 points 1 hour ago (1|8)

You look like Laina. Did you put on the dog costume so you could be Man’s Best friend while being the girlfriend?
Firewind -5 points 58 minutes ago (2|7)

Don’t forget to smoke your boyfriend out.
aab720 -7 points 49 minutes ago (1|8)

Imma get down voted but idc. Snoking bag!
Secrete_Persona -7 points 43 minutes ago (1|8)

how did the delivery man know who your boyfriend was?
SilvarioGospel -5 points 1 hour ago (7|12)

Wow no comment about furries yet, I’m impressed reddit.
Sakred -2 points 1 hour ago (3|5)

I just found the thread, give me a second.
-TinMan- -7 points 1 hour ago (2|9)

Come 20 years, this will be all the rage in Paris. Animal costume chic.
Jive_Turkey_Mofo -9 points 58 minutes ago (5|14)

No doggie style jokes?
ShadesAtNight -8 points 58 minutes ago (1|9)

Came for comment about doggie style. Was disappoint.
DoctorJoeseph -8 points 1 hour ago (7|16)

Phriend -9 points 47 minutes ago (2|11)

fap fap fap fap

Nah, I’m just kidding.

fap fap fap fap…
MusicMagi -9 points 51 minutes ago (9|19)

Get rid of the cigarette. It just makes you look dumb.
theusualmadman -14 points 56 minutes ago (1|15)

Oh my God. This is one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen, no lie, no irony. I hope you have Wilfred costume videos.
Sakred -16 points 1 hour ago (4|20)

We’ll all be expecting some furry action in /r/gonewild promptly.
manfrom4Chan -15 points 39 minutes ago (2|17)

i want to force feed you a fishbowl full of my semen while your faggot ass boyfriend sucks on my uncircumcised cock!
EonBlueAegis 1 point 37 minutes ago (5|4)

youre a charmer. fucking faggot.
fuckinDEAD -16 points 41 minutes ago (1|17)


ClintonHarvey 1 point 23 minutes ago (2|1)

Not if you’re fuckinDEAD.
fedoragolf -18 points 1 hour ago (3|21)

You have a beautiful dog, but I think you forgot to post the costume.
Renegade_Randy -20 points 59 minutes ago (4|25)

i don’t know who wilfred is but i would do the fuck out of you in that grey bear suit, you look like a smoker too, hey i like to light things on fire. there is a great pizza joint near me if you want to grab a slice but hey i have a car too and we can go drink somewhere and then i’ll throw you out of that whatever costume and we can make sproonka sproonka on the rusty ol’ hood.

im renegade randy and i can make the eucharist bleed by staring at it.
MLIola 1 point 18 minutes ago (2|0)

It’s a dog look up the damn show before posting a stupid comment
Atredeus -19 points 1 hour ago (3|23)

How can I adopt one of you?
Seamanswaffles -24 points 2 hours ago (7|29)

just went from 6 to midnight
holyducttape -25 points 2 hours ago (5|31)

Doggy style wearing the costume. It has to be done.
-TinMan- -2 points 1 hour ago (1|3)

M sure it’s been done to death by now.
blacktarpavement -26 points 1 hour ago (7|32)

Suck my dick
EntingFantastic 13 points 49 minutes ago (13|0)

You’re not even trying any more are you?
Death_Taco -27 points 1 hour ago (7|34)

I would totally do you doggy style.
DID_THEY_FUCK -26 points 1 hour ago (11|38)

I’d fuck you in the ass like the dirty cunt you are
Bazing1980 19 points 1 hour ago (21|3)

The direct approach.
Ponderancev2 -30 points 4 hours ago (7|36)

yep, i checked it. this is in the dictionary next to ‘win’ … damn, webster’s. that was fast.
paduschka -30 points 1 hour ago (7|36)

u look good
SteveTheDude 23 points 1 hour ago (23|0)

HKP 8 points 37 minutes ago (8|0)

Bro, don’t be a cock block. He had that one on the leash.
ClintonHarvey 2 points 25 minutes ago (2|0)

He thought he’d take it out for a walk.

don’t terrier-self up about it, Paduschka.
eltrollero -39 points 1 hour ago (5|43)

Your hot
halomadeclips 30 points 1 hour ago (34|4)

Her hot what?

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