upvoted.top:Cool Gear Ez-freeze Collapsible Bento Box (Assorted Colors)

Cool Gear Ez-freeze Collapsible Bento Box (Assorted Colors)


Non-toxic gel filled freezer tray keeps food cold & fresh. Collapsible bowl compresses for easy storage. Multiple containers nest neatly into freezer tray. Lid has snap tight tabs. Top shelf dishwasher safe. Container is microwave safe. NOTE: Freezer tray is not microwave safe. Assorted colors.

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I have a lunch box that has different compartments for different foods. It’s great because the middle separator bit freezes and keeps the food cool, and it’s a great way to portion control without thinking about it. I actually like things like carrot sticks and fruit as well (and carrots are super cheap) so I’d have fairly healthy lunches. One of the ladies I used to work with would make a big deal about how cute my lunchbox was and how healthy my food was and she was so loud about it. So loud that I usually thought something bad had happened by the way she’d gasp before exclaiming that I’d brought my cute lunchbox again.


LUNCHBOX INFO – I got them locally but since then, have only found them on Amazon

/u/GREEN_BULLSHIT has posted about a similar product called Lunchblox which may be better or more available to you.

I made an album of the lunches I’ve made using the lunchboxes if you would like to see

Please note that the use of the description ‘cute’ was hers, and not mine, lol.

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