upvoted.top:Competition (#1481) A Favorite Factory Visit: Crayons!

Competition (#1481) A Favorite Factory Visit: Crayons!


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Hi reddit! I’m Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer who has brought life to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for the last 46 years. AMA!(r/IAmA)

My 5 year old son was watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on Amazon the other day, and it happened to be the episode where Big Bird visits the Land of Make-Believe.

He completely lost his mind. It was the happiest I have ever seen him, and that’s saying something, because he’s a really happy kid. Thank you for doing that. I know he would not have handled it well if you took the suit off in the show.

EDIT: Here is a link to the episode that begins the story of Big Bird visiting the Neighborhood of Make-Believe:


Big Bird actually shows up in episode #1483, but the storyline of the art competition begins with 1481, then it is announced that Big Bird is arriving in #1482.

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