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Cobra Products 00412BL Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool


Zip it, drain cleaning tool, used to unclog sinks, showers & bathtub drains, environmentally safe, strong ploy construction. The product is manufactured in china. Easy installation and easy handling.

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Combine this mystical product with a hot shower and watch the years roll backwards – you too can be hot again!(r/wheredidthesodago)

What is your solution for the shower hair? I’ve just been draino blasting it when it gets clogged.

Edit: Wow I have a lot of replies!

Here are the top suggestions:

  1. Take a coat hangar and bend it into a hook, then jimmy-jam that sucker down the pipe and pull out the hair debacle.

  2. Similar to a coat hangar is this little spiky dildo that goes in easy but comes out like a horny duck. It promises to fuck the hair right out of the drain and is $2-4 online or at your local hardware store.

  3. Never let the offending hair get down the drain in the first place; brush it out first, stick it to the wall, or use a handy drain prophylactic. (again, online or at your local fix-it store)

  4. Various formulations of DIY draino, most common being bleach and boiling water. (Hot water will denature some proteins all on its own)

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