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Club Glove Golf Stiff Arm Travel Club Protector


When properly packed, it is nearly impossible to break a golf club in a Club Glove. With nearly every touring professional carrying their clubs in a Club Glove travel bag 25 to 35 weeks a year, we experience a total of one or two incidents of club breakage. This generally happens when the bag is dropped directly on the club heads from a height of six feet or more. The Stiff Arm® is an adjustable crutch that is designed to prevent this from happening. It adds vertical strength to what is alrea…

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Travel warning: United will fuck up your golf clubs(r/golf)

No offense but what did you expect shipping your clubs with the only protection being a rain cover and your bag??? You have 0 protection for your clubs.

Honestly not trying to be a dick but you kind of brought this on your self.

Shipping clubs 101:

1) Have a padded travel cover, does not have to a hard case. Club gloves small ones are great

2) Invest in a stiff arm. www.amazon.com/Club-Glove-Stiff-Travel-Protector/d… this protects your driver’s from being tossed head first.

3) Wrap a basic bath towels around your iron head and driver shafts

If you travel more than a few times a year with your golf clubs you would be insane not to follow these steps.

If you rarely take your clubs ship them from FedEx straight to the golf course or hotel.

Tldr. Should change the title to “I shipped my clubs like an idiot and am mad they broke”

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