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Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, Black


Never over-sleep again! Clocky is the alarm clock on wheels that runs away beeping! You can snooze one time, but if you don’t get up, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand up to 3 feet high, and run around your room as if looking for a place to hide. You’ll have to get out of bed to silence Clocky’s alarm. Clocky beeps in an R2D2-like robotic pattern so that you are sure to hear him. He’s kind of like a pet, only he will get you up at the right time! You can set Clocky to run away right …

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LPT Request: How to not sleep through my alarm.(r/LifeProTips)

  • Keep the iphone or the alarm clock out of your reach, so that you have to get up to turn it off

  • Try this app “Sleep Cycle” for iphone which wakes you up just at the right moment of your sleep cycle so that you do not feel drowsy. It works by studying your sleep patterns. I tried it for a couple of nights and it felt pretty OK. Not much experience to vouch for it(Edit: A lot others can vouch for it though, so do give this a try)

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