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Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot


Clarks remakes its signature desert boots in matte brindle leather. 4 tonal eyelets at the lace-up vamp. Contrast welt stitches at the gum sole. Cushion leather insole.

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Need help for first date please(r/malefashionadvice)

Hi there, and welcome to MFA! Take a quick glance over the sidebar first, and congratulations on getting the date!

First off, lease don’t go to a chain for your haircuts, a lot of those places won’t have very good stylists there for you. Look up barbers in your local area, and spend the weekend looking through inspiration albums for some hairstyles that you like and think would suit you, and bring those pictures to the guy so he has an idea of what to give you. While you’re at the barber, I’d ask for a clean shave, I don’t really think that beard works for you.

Despite that, the shirt you have on here is a very flattering piece on you, and you’re obviously very fit, so when shopping go for something that fits similar to it. Heck, wear it that day so you have something to compare to straight away. But other than that, I’m not sure I see anything in your wardrobe I would wear to a date.

Are you guys just going to be ice skating or will you be doing something else after? If you guys are just meeting up to skate I wouldn’t necessarily worry about shoes too much, since you’ll be changing into skates pretty soon.

If it’s cold out where you are, then I’m also wondering what outerwear you have too, since that’s mainly what the date will be seeing when you guys are out. But to start out, let me throw out some suggestions that I think would suit you, and we’ll narrow it down from there depending on what you like and don’t like?

I feel like a henley would flatter your body shape really well, and the long sleeves would work well with the current cold weather, something like this or this.

Slim jeans work, something like a Levi 511 or a 513 in a dark indigo wash (I’m talking something like their rigid dragon color) that’s not too skinny and not too straight cut. You could also consider slim chinos, something like the 484 or Banana Republic’s Aiden in the Navy or Golden Tobacco for J.Crew and Acorn for BR would work well.

Shoes gets a little difficult here, its hard to find something that is of good quality and lasts long at a cheap price with such a time constraint, and I’m not too sure what your budget is. Clark Desert Boots in beeswax or oakwood is a pretty decent starter shoe, but if you just want something to kick around in for now, and don’t mind sneakers, something like New Balance, Vans or Jack Purcell would work pretty well. (If you do go with NB, keep in mind only SOME of their models look good, not all, don’t substitute them with another model number that may be a chunkier orthodontic shoe just because NB was suggested)

If you’re up for some layer and don’t have a huge budget for a completely new jacket, put on something like this or this and then throw over a down vest would look great. Navy, grey, and olive would be versatile choices that would work well.

There are of course, alternatives that can be made if you want to. You can switch out the henley for a simple V-neck shirt (Something from Target’s Merona like that many MFA members attest to in terms of fit and quality will do fine) or step it up a little and go for the oft recommended Oxford Collar Button Down (OCBD for short, the “button-down” part of the name comes from how you secure the collar, as you can see here).

I hope this helps man, it’s about 5 am where I am right now so I’m about to pass out after this. Hopefully we can figure out what you’ll wear to your date and you that it goes well!

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