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The Coin and The Pencil Box(r/nosleep)

The sad thing is that almost no one knows how hard bloodworth really works for this sub, because he doesn’t advertise it.

He has his own subreddit at /r/bloodworth where he puts out his stories to a small group of fans before they ever hit noleep. He edits them multiple times before they ever get here. Have you checked out his facebook page? He’s started posting pictures of the edits there.

Did you know that all the names you read in his stories are names that redditors have given him?

This is the message I got when he asked for mine.

I use another account and like the anonymity of it.

>The Nod

>Hey there.

>I noticed that you really enjoyed my last story. I’m glad that you had such a good time. That’s why I write.

>In real life, I like to give a nod to my beta readers so I see no reason why I shouldn’t do the same for redditors.

>What does giving a nod mean?

>It means I put your name in an upcoming /r/nosleep story. Just understand that something good, bad, or otherwise could happen to your character. You might be a boy, a girl, a cat, a dog, etc, but your name will be in there.

>First name only, of course. It can be your real name or a fake one. I don’t care, I just want it to be something that you recognize and can be like, HEY THAT’S ME!!!

>I’m asking for your first name, so it’s only fair that you know who I am.





>Interested? Respond back with a name. 🙂

>Not interested? No need to respond. 🙂

I gave him the name Ringu, because I love that movie and he put it into Look. More.

Did you know that he read through each part of this series at different speeds to different songs to see which worked best and synced up?

He’s not tying parts of his story together. They were already tied together before. He’s only showing us now because it’s time. He’s just playing it out.

Final thought? The dude is a monster. I’m so bummed that he’s leaving after this series, but I really think it’s best. He’ll blow up and we’ll all get to tell people that we read bloodworth way back back then.

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