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Channellock 440 12-Inch Tongue and Groove Plier


The Channellock 440 12″ Straight Jaw Tongue and Groove Plier is the tool every home and garage needs. This plier is built to last with a PermaLock fastener to eliminate nut and bolt failure, patented reinforcing edge to minimize stress breakage and right angle, laser heat-treated teeth to provide a better, longer lasting grip. It’s versatile, strong and durable enough to pass down to your kids.

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LPT: Unclog your drain, the natural and cheap way(r/LifeProTips)

Plumber here. A few things I’ve learned in my experience. Do not use Drano. Ever. As mentioned, it’s toxic, expensive and most importantly it doesn’t work and it eats at seals that prevent leaks. More importantly, DO NOT POUR BOILING WATER DOWN THE DRAIN in attempt to unclog the drain. It’s okay if the pipe is clear, but if boiling water fails to clear a clog (which is likely) it could melt pvc plastic. Sorry for caps lock.

Here’s the proper way to clear a clog. You need only a medium sized pair of Channel Locks and one of these bad boys. Yes, I use the turbo snake at my job every single day. A straightened out coat hanger will likely work just as well. It’s easy enough. Run the turbo snake down and try to pull out the hair or grease clog. If that fails to do it, use the channel locks to remove the bottom of the p trap. Make sure you have a small bucket under the pipe and some rags handy. 90% of the time the clog resides in there and is simple to clear with it removed. If the clog is further down the line you may want to call a plumber.

Bonus, if you’ve ever dropped your ring down the sink, it is almost certainly in the p trap, and a hell of a lot easier to get with it pulled.

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