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Champion Sports 16-Inch Wood Scooter Board


The Champion Sports 16in Wood Scooter Board is a durable scooter built to protect your gym or cafeteria floors. Scooter boards are a fun indoor or outdoor activity that your students are sure to love! Play a great game of scooter hockey, create a scooter train, or invent your own games. The Champion Sports Scooters are made of heavy wood for durability. These 16in scooters feature full perimeter bumpers and non-marking swivel rubber casters that help keep your floors clean!

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Lucky little bastards. It’s parachute day.(r/pics)

That was one of my 3 favorite gym class days. The other 2 were obstacle course day and roll around on the floor in scooters that can crush your fingers day. My least favorites were square dancing days.

Edit: In case anyone feels nostalgia for broken fingers, here’s an amazon link to buy the scooter boards. And no, of course not with handles.

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