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Champion Barbell Olympic Grip Plate, 45 lbs


GET OLYMPIC GRIP PLATES FOR THE PRICE OF STANDARD GRIP PLATES! GREAT VALUE! All plates have a durable, grey hammertone, acrylic finish

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Fittit, it is Sunday. Tell us your Victory this week.(r/Fitness)

sold the engagement ring I had bought for my ex (before I found out she’s a whore, of course) and used the money to buy equipment for a home gym:

Powertech Power Rack (<—this site sells it for cheap with free shipping)

Powertech Utility Bench (probably overpriced, but fuck it)

Rogue Power Bar (sexy)

230lbs of Pendlay bumper plates (<—good deal, free shipping too!)

+2 more 45lb plates for good measure

I already had a decent ~250lb set of iron weights, so I’m set for weight for a while now. I’ll probably also buy a cheap treadmill and some horse stall mats for deadlifts to complete my setup.

AND to top it off, I set a new PR by deadlifting 315lbs for 4 reps. 2x bodyweight. 3 plates. fuck yeah.

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