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Certain Dri Anti Perspirant Roll On 1.2oz


Doctor recommended. Prescription strength. Fights excess perspiration. Certain Dri contains Aluminum Chloride, the ingredient prescribed by doctors to patients with excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis. Laboratory studies prove that Aluminum Chloride i

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Hey MFA, I have an embarrassing question!(r/malefashionadvice)

Certain Dri is amazing. Put it on before you go to bed like three nights in a row, and then every other night after that. You won’t sweat from your armpits as long as you apply it consistently, anecdotally guaranteed!

Source: 20yo white dude who sweats more than any man realistically should.

Edit: In addition to the link I posted, you should be able to find it at your local CVS/Walgreens/etc. That’s where I picked mine up.

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