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Casio Men’s MQ24-7E Casual Watch With Black Resin Band


You’ll always remain in fashion with the analog-powered Casio Men’s Classic Analog Watch #MQ24-7ELL. Features include a classic white dial, which is embellished with contrasting hour and minute indexes, and comes protected by a durable plastic dial window. Both the 37.5-millimeter case and stationary bezel are made of high-quality resin. A black resin band, textured for stylish effect, comes equipped with a buckle-clasp closure to ensure secure wear. Blending innovation and charm, this striki…

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What is the most complimented item that you own?(r/malefashionadvice)

My $10 Casio: www.amazon.com/Casio-MQ24-7E-Casual-Watch-Black/dp…

Cheapest watch and also most complimented article of clothing I’ve ever owned.

I’m on my sixth one. I inadvertently gave the original to a female coworker on a drunken date (long story, with a shit ending). Then left the second at my boss’s apartment (lots of weed that night, it does indeed make you forgetful), he likes it, so I let him keep it. While opening my third, joke with my roommates that I seem to be just handing these things out – roommate asks me for this one, so I give it to him before I wore it once. Now it’s a bit of a thing. New city, on a third date, girl compliments the watch, so I just hand it to her – she was a bit too appreciative, but that watch ended up travelling all over the world on her wrist shortly thereafter. Gave my fifth to a good friend, complimented the watch, didn’t have a watch (he’s a bit of a hobo), heading to London on some kind of vision quest, so I hand him that one. I wonder who’s going to get the sixth one. Maybe you, dear stranger.

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