upvoted.top:Captains of Crush Hand Gripper - Trainer 100 lb

Captains of Crush Hand Gripper – Trainer 100 lb


If you could choose only one grip training tool, this is it: Captains of Crush are the gold standard of grippers and are designed to give you the biggest gains in the shortest time. This is the gripper that changed the world as it took what had largely been a plastic plaything and turned it into a grip training tool that is serious, high-quality, and suitable for everyone from rank beginners to World’s Strongest Man winners. Legendary design and build quality, with 11 strengths to choose from…

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You’ll never be this white(r/pics)

No, fuck you guys with your “i’m going to break your hand to show you how manly i am” handshake. You can shake someones hand and not seem like a pussy without attempting to break it. It’s called getting a “Firm Grip”.

I have decent sized hands and Popeye-shaped forearms, and I keep one of these(No. 3) on my desk. Whenever I run into some asshole who tries the “supermanly shake” I make a point of pulling their arm forward and squeezing until I see their face cringe.

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