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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC DVD) (UK)


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Steam Holiday Sale 2011 Day 7(r/gaming)

Hey all. I’ve gone through and tabulated most of the comments on this thread, in order to summarize reddit’s opinions of today’s Daily Deals. Hopefully, this will be somewhat helpful. Let me know if there are any errors or mistakes I’ve made in this table.Let me know if there are any errors or mistakes I’ve made in this table.

| | | | | | |:———–:|:———–:|:————:|:————:|:————:|:————:| Game | Score | % Liked | |Notes|Verdict | | | | Batman: Arkham Asylum | 101 | 89.8% | (+114/-13) | Great stealth-based action game with a fun combat system, although it requires Games for Windows Live and has securom DRM (4-machine activation limit) | Must Buy Atom Zombie Smasher | 55 | 100% | (+55/-) | Incredibly fun and relatively difficult top-down tower-defense-like game in which you have to evacuate a city’s residents from the incoming zombie horde. | Must Buy Killing Floor | 46 | 98.0% | (+47/-1) | Zombie shooter (somewhat similar to L4D) where you defend yourself from multiple waves of infected hordes. Offers different classes and weapons. | Must Buy Fallout 3 | 35 | 100% | (+35/-) | Incredibly fun and well-made RPG | Must Buy Alice – Madness Returns | 34 | 87.0% | (+40/-6) | A fun third person 3d platformer with a beautiful atmosphere, but the game a little repetitive and the mouse/keyboard controls are frustrating. Gamepad recommended| Probably worth it X3 | 27 | 100% | (+27/-0) | A very fun space combat game with quite a learning curve, similar to Freespace. Terran conflict is the best of the bunch. Joystick recommended for added immersion. | Must Buy Terran Conflict for Space Sim fans Nuclear Dawn | 5 | 77.8% | (+7/-2) | A unique hybrid of RTS and FPS mechanics, although both the shooting and strategy aspects are quite mediocre themselves. | Possibly worth it Modern Warfare 3 | 4 | 100% | (+4/-) | For UK Residents, the Amazon version is much cheaper, and can be activated on Steam. | You already know whether you want this game or not Dungeons | -8 | 0% | (+0/-8) | Not a particularly great RPG. The core mechanics are a bit off and dialogue is uninteresting.| Not worth it.

One thing to note is that, given that today is Christmas, there wasn’t quite as much activity on this thread, so you’ll notice that some games are missing because I couldn’t find enough comments pertaining to those games. Sorry about that, but hopefully this list still helps.

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