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Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC


Buffalo Super Nintendo Famicom SNES, USB Gamepad for PC

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Not OP, but the ones I use are:

Wii/Gamecube: Dolphin
N64: Project64 (A little shaky at times, but that’s true for all of N64 emulation right now)
GBA: ~~VBA-M (also supports Game Boy and Game Boy Color)~~ Apparently mGBA is better, thanks for the tip.
SNES: Higan
NES: FCEUX (Or you can just use Higan above)
PS1: ePSXe
DS: Desmume (Scroll down a bit and you can download the latest Nightly build) Alternatively, you can get the X432R version which allows you to increase the resolution and resize the screens to some degree.

And if you want a fancy frontend for all of your emulators/games: Emulation Station

Have fun!

Edit: Well this gained some attention. If anyone needs any help setting it up I’ll be glad to help. I’ll see if I can upload my config file for Emulation Station when I get to my desk. In the meantime, whilst an Xbox/Dualshock controller are good for the majority of emulated titles, if you want something more fitting for the NES, SNES, GBA and DS, the Buffalo USB controller is the best you can get.

And thanks for my first Gold mate! 🙂

edit2: I screwed up with the es_systems.cfg file and only just noticed. It still uses my username instead of just %homepath%, so it won’t work with you just pasting it in. Instead, I’ll leave what you need to fill in for the <command> part of each Emulator. If anyone still needs any help, feel free to ask.

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