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Easy to set up and share on your wireless network or connect locally via hi-speed USB 2.0 interface. Create two-sided documents and help save paper with automatic Duplex printing. 250-Sheet capacity paper tray adjustable for Letter or legal size paper, plus a manual feed slot for envelopes.

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Whats a big industry secret that isn’t supposed to be known by the general public?(r/AskReddit)

Also, Costco refills cartridges for $7. You can usually refill at least twice before you have to buy a new one. EDIT4 Check out their site to see if your printer is on there. They refill the most popular printers. costcoinkjetrefill.com/pricing

FYI, Do not buy liquid ink printers if you don’t use it a lot. The ink will dry up, your printer head will clog, and you will not get much printing out of it. Despite the initial higher cost of laser printers, it saves you a lot of money in the long term. Laser printers use powder ink and doesn’t have any of the clogging or durability problems.

The best inkjet I’ve ever owned is the Canon Pro 100. It’s a really good printer and doesn’t clog as often. The cleaning cycles on it actually works. It also prints amazing photos(relative to its price) including black and white. The ink cartridges on it lasted far longer than I expected(still crap compared to laser printers). The color accuracy on it is almost spot on out of the box.

If you’re just looking for a cheap laser printer without all the features, look into the Brother brand. It does very well with printing reliably for being so cheap.

EDIT: HP instant ink was mentioned. It will save you money on color photos since it goes by page counts($5 for 100 pages, $10 for 300 pages). However, for black and white printing, it is expensive compared to a Brother TN315BK Toner Cartridge that yields 6000 pages for $80. Keep in mind only select HP printers are eligible for InstantInk and they are not what I would use for printing photos. So that service is pointless for me.

EDIT2: Calibration and Cleaning cycles wasting lots of ink is true. The cleaning cycle is needed if you don’t use your ink often enough causing it to dry at the print heads. When the printer cleans it, it pushes a bunch of fresh ink out to force the dry ink. That wasted ink goes into another cartridge(most people don’t even realize this has to be changed after a while). This is mainly why your inkjet printer cartridge that is supposed to have 300 page yield can end up printing only 50 if you only use it once a month.

EDIT3: I am well aware that it’s even cheaper than Costco refilling myself. I don’t want to buy the tools or deal with the possibility of getting ink on myself. I’m sure most people would rather not deal with that and spend a few dollars. Costco also uses good quality ink. Trust me when I say using cheap ink will be a PITA. If you choose to refill yourself, always buy the high quality ink. Normally, it is better to refill the OEM cartridges instead of aftermarket ones.

EDIT4: Who uses home printers anymore? People who:

  • Don’t have an office job
  • Wants higher quality prints
  • Wants the convenience
  • Don’t want to pass their personal expense onto their employer
  • Don’t want to deal with public facilities’ hassles and problems(old computers, wrong/old applications, waiting, not the right printers, etc…)
  • Prefer reading on paper
  • Realized swans can be gay

EDIT5: If you’re looking for a cheap monochrome printer, then try the Brother HL-L2340DW. It is currently my favorite cheap laserjet. Only $90 and comes with wireless as well as duplex printing(hp loves to charge you big money for this feature).

The OEM High Yield 2600 page toner is only $45 and I’m sure 3rd party toners are even cheaper.

So for under $150, you will can print for 5+ years if you print less than 50 pages per month. And most likely no repairs or maintenance needed.

EDIT6: When your toner gets low and starts fading, take it out and shake it. It will probably go for another 50-100 pages. Never shake a baby but always shake a toner.

EDIT7: Lucky 7!!

EDIT8: If you are looking to print an amazing brilliant photo, take a look at metallic paper. I found it on Red River. It’s my go to photo paper but it’s expensive. I use a Sony A7RII with Zeis 55mm and 35mm. The combination of the Zeiss lens making the color pop and the metallic paper gives the photo almost a 3D effect.

EDIT9: Some people will have problems with laser printers tripping your circuits on startup as it requires a lot of power to heat up and shoot lasers like star wars. If that happens, try plugging your laser printer into your kitchen outlets. Circuits in the kitchen are often built to be able to handle more power for good reasons. I know my kitchen has 20A vs 15A for my living room.

EDIT10 I knit for a living

EDIT11 I lied about knitting for a living

EDIT12: I’ve gotten a few messages about color printers. It’s 2016, wireless connectivity and duplex printing are what I considered part of basic printing.

For basic color printing, I recommend $200 Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex. This is a laser printer and will be a work horse. There is a cheaper version with no duplex printing for $178.

If you want a professional quality photo printer without paying the price, I still have not seen a better printer than Canon Pixma Pro 100. There are people having problems with the feed or the heads malfunctioning so take that into account. However, I’ve had the printer for ~2 years and it has not failed me once. If you have a local Microcenter, then buy it there and get the no hassle insurance for piece of mind. Else, buy it on Amazon and return it if you see problems. The ink cartridges are expensive but the yield is decent. There are seasonal sales that will drop the price to $200-300 range. Nothing perform this good in this price range. The next step up would be over $1000 and that’s a massive leap for most people including enthusiasts. This is my opinion and I am sure some people will disagree.

EDIT13: For those asking about office printers for actual office use, not just the name, then I would go with HP. If budget is a problem, then Brother or Canon is good. I don’t like Epson as I did not have good experience with them(just my anecdotal evidence) You will find these printers on the business section of their website. But what’s more important is knowing duty cycles of Office Printers. You will find this on the product page or the product manual/info pdf you can find on their website. Just note I like HP for business simply because it’s quick and easy to get service/support/parts if you need it. They seem to have printer for every type of office and many vendors to choose from. This is their market after all.

There are important 3 numbers:

  • Maximum monthly duty cycles
  • Recommended max average duty cycles
  • Lifetime duty cycles

The most useful number should be recommended max average duty cycles. If you do not know how much you print, you can estimate by counting how many boxes of paper your office went through. The most accurate way is to get that statistics right on the current printer. All of the HP at my office can print out these stats and I was able to accurately and confidently recommend upgrades to our printers. Our printers were breaking down because it was used way more than the recommended average. We did an upgrade and load balance(assign X number of users per printer).

EDIT14 Can you sell empty cartridges? Yes you can but I don’t know how you can do it as an individual. But I do know those people/businesses that collect them from you will sell it to the 3rd party that refills them and resell it back to you at a discounted price. The only exception I know of where a business(usually specialty shop/site) will buy it from you directly is really expensive cartridges for high end photo printers. They also refill and resell. They also require you to send in your empty cartridge or you pay the core charge. It’s the same thing Autozone does when you buy parts like alternators.

EDIT15 For those new aspiring photographers, and there seems to be a dime a dozen these days, a good printer is as important as choosing the right photo paper. Also equally important which many ignored is downloading and choosing the right ICC printer profiles or you can create your own. There are ICC profiles for both OEM papers and 3rd party photo papers. And god damn it, get the right monitor, calibrate it, and calibrate your printer as well. But like I said earlier, the Canon Pro 100 needed by far the least calibration of any prosumer printer I’ve ever used.

EDIT16 Just kidding! I’m done editing! Happy Sweet 16 yo!!$!!

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