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Borderlands Bundleganza [Download]


The Borderlands Bundleganza includes the following titles: Borderlands 2 Borderlands Game of the Year Edition The Borderlands 2 Season Pass Requires Steam Client to activate.

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Amazon Summer Sale – Sunday – Day 1 (Sale Starts Today!)(r/GameDeals)

Borderlands Bundleganza – $21.99

  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands 2 Season Pass
  • Borderlands 1 GOTY Edition

edit – just a heads up. When you buy a game on Amazon as a Steam key it’s usually stored in a game library on your Amazon account page looking like this until you click ‘view product key’ and it gives you your key. With this one it was different. The activation codes were sent in the email that Amazon sent out telling me I’d bought a game. They are also in the library, but they’re not covered with the ‘click to view’ button. Not a biggie, but figured it was worth mentioning. Also, 3 separate keys.

edit 2- Borderlands 2 and the Season Pass are on sale on GMG here for $14.99. GMG10-U49LX-GAE17 takes 10% off making it $13.50. I promise I’m not going to go kick my dog now because I spent $8.50 I didn’t have to for BL1 that I already had.

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