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BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle, Clear/Black, 28-Ounce


The updated BlenderBottle Classic adds a new, convenient carrying loop and flip cap design to the world’s best-selling shaker cup. The BlenderBall wire whisk moves freely inside the bottle as you shake, mixing even the thickest ingredients with ease. The BlenderBottle Classic features a secure screw-on lid, a wide mouth for easy mixing, and embossed markings that measure both ounces and milliliters. The BlenderBottle Classic is dishwasher safe, BPA- and phthalate-free, and comes in three diff…

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What is the biggest “double-edged sword”?(r/AskReddit)

Having a smartphone.

Pro: access to a practically infinite amount of information

Con: access to a practically infinite amount of distraction

EDIT: Since this blew up, I’ll share what I do to fight distraction, though this isn’t all specific to phones. It is basically four principles:

1) Keep your mind in a good, clear, state.

2) Make the “activation energy” to get distracted high.

3) Make the “activation energy” to get [back] to work low.

4) Be effective at noticing when you are distracted and gently guiding yourself back to work.

Keep Your Mind Clear

  • Get on a sleep schedule and stick to it. Figure out how much sleep you need to feel rested and always get that. The tired brain more likely to get distracted.

  • Find what background noise is most conducive to work for you. For me, it is a pandora station seeded with either taiko drumming or Lindsey Stirling. For my wife, it is silence.

  • Eat good food that isn’t full of simple sugars. If you are too lazy or hurried to cook a good meal, get soylent, chocolate protein powder, tap water and mix in a blender bottle.

  • Go for a half-mile run when you first wake up.

  • If you feel yourself lagging in energy around 4pm, take a 20 minute nap with a timer on the other side of the room. Then, go for a half-mile run.

  • Alternate between standing and sitting if you can.

Put barriers between you and distraction

  • Install a website blocker like selfcontrol or coldturkey.

  • Remove the facebook/twitter/tumblr/etc apps from your phone. Only access those sites from your laptop on hours when you haven’t blocked them (see above).

  • On Google chrome, install momentum so instead of seeing your most visited distracting websites, you see a pretty landscape and a quote that is either inspirational, or only mildly pretentious.

  • Work around other people who are working.

  • Find a friend and sit next to them so that you can see each other’s screens and keep each other on task.

  • Put your phone on the other side of the room, or in the hands of your friend.

  • If you can do your task without wifi, do it. If you can do your task without a computer, do it.

  • Delete your current reddit account and create one with a password you don’t bother to remember. That way, you don’t get attached to having lots of karma and you don’t think about the allure of the glowing red envelope as much.

Make your work as easy to get into as possible.

  • Keep a paper notebook by your computer. Use it to write down your thoughts, especially when you are confused or frustrated by something.

  • When you sit down to work, write out the tasks you’re going to try to tackle. Make sure they are clearly defined. Pay particular attention to anything that is in your way and tackle that as its own task worth feeling proud of. Also pay attention to when something is unclear. Writing an email asking for clarity is also a task you can complete and feel proud of.

  • Read the book Getting Things Done, but don’t then try to implement the perfect system for organizing all of your tasks. Just keep an eye out for when you can get tasks out of your head and into some system.

  • Invest in good tools. Read this blog post on UI design, especially right where he says “And I started to think about why, as the beer commercial asks, some days are better than others.” The minor frustrations that you run into with bad tools lead you to be more distractible and want to avoid a task just as much as if you were hungry.

(Note that the following work well for me and your milage may vary.)

  • If you are programming, Write your tests first.

  • If you are writing prose, write bullet points first.

  • If you are studying for a test, pretend you have a single sheet of printer paper you may take into the test. Give yourself 30 minutes to cram as much of the most important information onto that sheet as you can.

Guide yourself genrly back to your work.

  • Try vitamin-R or another pomodoro app that runs on your laptop.

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes, sit cross-legged with your back against the wall, and try focusing on just your breath. Just think about the air going into and out of your lungs through your trachea and mouth/nose. ~~If~~ When you notice that you are thinking about Chiliiiiiiiss baby back ribs ^(barbecue sauce), guide your thoughts back to your breath without cursing yourself or judging yourself. This is surprisingly difficult. Unless you are Ron Swanson, you will notice that your mind comes up with stupid bullshit to distract you constantly. The point is to practice gently bringing your mind back to something.

  • If you are working against a deadline, get distracted, and then notice it…do not beat yourself up. Try to just let go of any guilt you feel for having been distracted. That guilt doesn’t push you to work. Rather it just pushes you to try to escape from thinking about your work. So instead, focus on the fact that you have an opportunity to advance toward your goal. A useful Churchill quote is “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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