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Bikini Zone Anti-Bumps Shave Gel, for Bikini Area, 4 fl oz (120 ml) Tubes, (Case of 6)


Fights bumps & irritation, for smooth skin. Bikini Zone Anti- Bumps Shave Gel for Bikini Area is specially formulated to help prevent bumps from developing after shaving the sensitive bikini area. this extra gently formula with soothing botanicals, moisturizing microbeads, emollients and Vitamins A and E, lubricates the skin and softens coarse hair for the closest shave possible, while the clear gel formula, that stays clear, makes skin more visible to shave without nicks or cuts. You get a p…

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Strippers of Reddit(and others who may have opinions), what are some tips to keep my lady parts blemish free ? (possibly nsfw)(r/AskReddit)

I’m just a girl who likes her friend down south smooth but this cream (link to Amazon product) is awesome. I’ve also found that right after I get out of the shower and before the shaved lady parts get completely dry I put a thin layer of vaseline over the whole area. It helps it keep from drying out, plus it makes the area feel super smooth.

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