upvoted.top:BEME International erod Center-Opening Telescoping Motorized Drapery Rod with Nickel Finish

BEME International erod Center-Opening Telescoping Motorized Drapery Rod with Nickel Finish, 80 t…


Operate your draperies from the comfort of your bed or your favorite chair from up to 25 feet. Easy-to-install and plugs into any wall outlet. Adjustable from 80-144 Inch. Optional Battery Power Kit available for use without an outlet. Includes infrared Remote Control (with 3 X AAA batteries), Wall Adaptor with 12 ft. cord, wall brackets and mounting hardware. Holds up to 20 lbs. of draperies. Can be used with roller clips (included) or pin hooks (sold separately) for use with pinch pleat pan…

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What are the best/reddit’s favorite uses for Rasberry Pi?(r/gadgets)

My curtains open automatically in the morning when my alarm clock goes off.

Not strictly the raspberry pi, but the pi is an integral part of my setup.

This allows me to remotely open/close the blinds using IR

This allows me to send IR commands from the pi to the curtains (or anything else that uses IR)

This allows me to have my phone automatically do stuff when it detects that my alarm clock is going off.


  • Around 6:40 my alarm goes off.
  • Tasker receives a notification from the operating system that this is happening.
  • Tasker is setup to send and HTTP Get request to bedroomPi.local/open_curtains.html when it receives this notification
  • open_curtains.html on the pi contains a line of php which fires of a shell script called open_curtains.sh
  • open curtains.sh tells the remote to send an IR packet containing the open command (using a program called LIRC)
  • the curtains receive this IR packet and begin to open
  • I am annoyed by how bright the sun is until I am forced to get out of bed

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