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Being John Malkovich – Special Edition


Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) is a struggling street puppeteer. In order to make some money, Craig takes a job as a filing clerk. One day he accidentally discovers a door… a portal into the mind of John Malkovich (played by John Malkovich)! For 15 minutes, he experiences the ultimate head trip – HE is John Malkovich! Then he’s dumped out onto the New Jersey turnpike! With his beautiful office mate Maxine (Catherine Keener) and his pet-obsessed wife (Cameron Diaz), they hatch a plan to let othe…

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Hey Malkovich, think fast!(r/movies)

I agree that it’s fake: my year 2000 DVD of Being John Malkovich doesn’t have a director’s commentary; the 2002 special edition doesn’t have director’s commentary, the HD-DVD version doesn’t have director’s commentary.

There are even people online complaining about there being no director’s commentary.

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