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Bart’s Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies, 12 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)


Bart’s Bakery started in Hollywood, California in the 1970s where it became famous for producing delightfully crunchy, little chocolate chip cookies. It sold-out and soon their delicious, cookies were replaced by mass-market imitations. Bart didn’t appreciate the switcheroo, that’s why today, they produce: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Bart’s Bakery cookies are unique; all-natural, buttery, crunchy and deliciously chocolaty. They’re made with only the best of EVERYTHING, Creamery Butter, F…

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IamA entrepreneur, eight years ago my wife and I sold everything and bought a 90ft tunnel oven to make cookies. Today we’re shipping 1 thousand pounds a day. AMA!(r/IAmA)

Edit 2: Hey Bart, you’re still answering questions. Mind addressing the whole gluten-free cookies containing gluten and harming people thing? (I don’t even care about you shipping out burnt cookies anymore, you’re endangering lives of people with Celiac’s through false advertising.)

Edit 3: Seems like Bart does publish the results of gluten testing on his cookies. I’d still like him to address this, though. Seems like stories of people getting sick after eating the gluten-free cookies aren’t uncommon.

Edit 4: Bart’s reply… “ok, here’s the answer. We operate a shared facility. We run gluten-free typically 1 or 2 times a month. We test every batch independently and publish the results. Here’s a copy of our latest batch: www.bartsbakery.com/uploads/images/images/EMSL%206…

There are some reviews on Amazon stating that you’ve shipped out burnt cookies – www.amazon.com/Barts-Bakery-Chocolate-Cookies-Ounc…. Before paying $15 for some cookies, can you address this problem?

Edit: It also seems like your gluten-free cookies are made on equipment shared with the normal cookies, and test for high levels of gluten. (thanks /u/Adlof)

From glutendude.com/not-gluten-free/barts-gluten-free-c… :

You kept claiming [the gluten-free cookies] to test at 5.6ppm? Well, if you multiply that number by 100, you still wouldn’t approach what your cookies tested at. Yes, the results were that bad.

I was angry. Angry that you hurt the celiac community. Angry that you put profits over people’s health. Angry that you attacked me instead of listening to me, when I was simply trying to help you when we first communicated.

I was horrified. Horrified that the test results came in so high. Horrified at the number of celiacs whose intestines have been damaged due to your selfishness and ignorance. Horrified that you are still selling them on your website…

Oof, doesn’t look good.

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