upvoted.top:Banzai Wild Waves Water Park (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park (Discontinued by manufacturer)


Banzai Wild Waves Water Park Inflatable Activity Pool 88″L x 54″W x 50″H inflatable activity pool Inflatable step-up slide and water-sprinkling arch Ring toss with 4 inflatable rings Basketball hoop and backboard, with inflatable basketball Durable PVC construction You’re sure to make waves this summer with the Wild Wave Water Park! Slide down the inflatable slide and under the refreshing sprinkling arch before landing with a splash into the pool. You can also challenge your friends t…

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Is this legal?(r/funny)

This needs frontpage, Banzai needs to be held accountable.

I’m not kidding.

Imagine how those little kids felt looking at the box, all the excitement they imagined, how fun it looked to them. Imagine their eager anticipation as the box was opened and they squealed with joy at the though of having their own personal waterpark…. then imagine how it would feel to instead have an inflatable bathtub that can barely even hold two standing children and 3 gallons of water. Can you imagine how let down and disappointed those kids were? Fuck banzai, frontpage this shit, call CNN, call the BBB, the BBC, get Al Jazeera on it, release the fucking 4chan. This is bullshit and the people responsible deserve to fucking die.

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