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Baladéo 34G Superlight Locking Knife w/ Pocket Clip


A well balanced knife holds well in your hand, is crafted from the finest materials. This Laguiole pocket knife adheres to the finest standards of quality and a tradition of master worksmanship. The unique Damascus blade and fragrant juniper wood makes each knife one of a kind. Knives have been used by Outdoor Enthusiasts for centuries. Baladeo designers develop new items and rethink traditional ones by focusing on functionality (weight, size, handling, comfort, grip) and aesthetics, withou…

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If you are a male redditor in your 20’s what would you you like as a stocking stuffer? (a mom desperate for ideas)(r/AskReddit)

Depends on what he likes. I’m almost out of my 20’s but I’ve been trying to wear nicer things to work. This involves nicer shirts. So I need collar stays. They’re a little expensive but way too badass if you can just whip one out and open something for someone. Part James Bond part Maxwell Smart. There are also companies that make plain (non tool) collar stays in exotic metals (tungsten, silver, titanium, gold, etc.)

If he’s into knives there’s:

If he’s an outdoorsman, sometimes you need to cut things down, so here’s a pocket chainsaw. There’s always sweedish fire steel as well.

If he likes tools there are tones of things to get him like this hydrolic wrench.

Does he like some snacks?

  • Slant shack jerky? Holy crap, maybe a giftcard. Build your own jerky is an awesome idea. Doesn’t look like they do those.
  • By that same token, then, maybe an Omaha Steaks giftcard. Have to be a bit high to make it effective. Probably not the best stocking stuffer then.
  • Maybe some beer candy. Beer caramel and taffy sounds wonderful more me. I’m not into hops but if your son likes IPAs or other hoppy beers he may like them.

Okay, so I’m a dork, but you really can’t go wrong with Think Geek, Uncrate, ThisIsWhyImBroke, or just browsing around on Amazon.

All of the things that I have linked are really nice, unique, and a bit out of the ordinary. They’re also all from my personal wishlist.

Good luck

Edit: Slantshack does provide gift packs though… specifically a stocking stuffer.

Edit #2: I stand corrected, slantshack does provide gift cards! GO HERE.

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