upvoted.top:Apple Brand - Leather Conditioner Care 4 Fl. Oz.

Apple Brand – Leather Conditioner Care 4 Fl. Oz.


Leather Care A wax-free leather conditioner specially formulated to gently clean, condition, and preserve finished, exotic, naked, and simulated leathers. • Will not darken finished leather. • Safe to use on light colored leather. • Recommended for use on all exotic skins and leathers.

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A large sweaty lady came and sat on a leather chair at work for about thirty minutes a while back. This took three weeks to go away. (NSFW?)(r/WTF)

Though I agree on the dry leather part, you don’t want to use saddle soap. Saddle soap is a soap, not a leather conditioner. Olive oil isn’t what you want to use, either. In order to properly condition furniture leather and apparel leather you typically want to use a lotion conditioner, something like Apple – Leather Care leather conditioner. Oil-based conditioners are really only professionally used for baseball mitts, saddles, and other outdoor high-abuse leathers.

Source: Years of experience as a professional leather worker

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