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What rather “unknown” TV-Series would you recommend watching?(r/AskReddit)

Hannibal! (Plug for /r/HannibalTV )

NBC has it on Thursdays at 10. It’s amazing, and not getting enough viewers at the moment. It’s a Bryan Fuller show (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies). Takes place before Hannibal Lecter’s capture, and Bryan has plans for 7 seasons covering eventually Red Dragon, Silence, and the Hannibal book.

Main cast include Mads Mikkelsen, Lawrence Fishburne, and Hugh Dancy.

Eddie Izzard has a guest spot, David Tennant is supposed to be a guest serial killer (he actually auditioned for Hannibal). Gillian Anderson and Gina Torres are also guest-characters.

The show is astoundingly beautiful/violent. I cannot believe some of what they have allowed to show on NBC of all places. The cinematography, the music, the feel of the show is superb. I will be Firefly-disappointed if this gets cancelled. This deserves to be renewed (it’s still in the air), and to get the full story done.

EDIT: The first episode is free to stream!

EDIT 2: My highest rated comment by far is endorsing a show I love, awesome.

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