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AMSEC B1500 In-Floor Safe Safe


The Amsec B1500ES Super Brute Floor Safe is a great residential safe, guaranteed to protect your jewelry, documents and valuables. The attractive design blends perfect with any interior design, making it perfect for protection from burglars. The ESL5 Electonic Lock with Illuminated Keypad makes unlocking this safe in the dark simple, allowing you to hide the safe in dark area of the house, such as a closet or under the bed.

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Finally, a good, safe, story.(r/pics)

Not to mention they posted that the safe appears to be 10-20 years old, but that is this safe available on Amazon, which states it was first available for purchase June 2, 2010. All of the contents are much older than that and would not have recently transferred and forgotten about in the past five years, unless someone had all that money sitting around, decided they finally needed a safe and then died without leaving any clues to any family members. Seems like a hoax for sweet sweet karma to me.

Edit: Gold?!? Thank you kind stranger, first gold ever!

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