upvoted.top:Amco 8-Inch Two-in-One Citrus Squeezer (8720)

Amco 8-Inch Two-in-One Citrus Squeezer (8720)


Juice lemons or limes with this 2-in-1 juicer. Move the dual-sided center plate up to juice lemons or leave it down to juice limes. Juicing has never been more efficient and the results are always pure juice without any seeds or pulp. By Amco. With unique, patented kitchen products Amco’s devotion to innovation has driven new industry standards and redefined categories. They continue to revolutionize the market with ingenious gadgets that simplify and enhance the culinary experience. With a t…

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This box of limes recommends a different way of cutting fruit.(r/mildlyinteresting)

I’m going to hold final judgement until I try it, but I can’t help but think that my lime/lemon juicer gets more juice out, in about 45 seconds less, with no seeds, no juice all over everything, and doesn’t require me to basically assault the lime in the process. This method looks better than the ole ‘cut in half and squeeze,’ I give you, but it looks inferior to a juicer.

For reference, this is the one I use.

EDIT: Maybe don’t buy that one if you’re reading my comment? A bunch of reviewers seem to have had it break. Beats me, mine is fine, you’ve been warned.

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