upvoted.top:Air Horn Kit for Trucks; Two-Trumpet w/110 PSI 12-Volt Compressor

Air Horn Kit for Trucks; Two-Trumpet w/110 PSI 12-Volt Compressor, Tank & Gauge


Need to make a big noise, but only have a little room? These train horns can fit in almost any vehicle, but deliver the big sound you need. Don?t be fooled by their size – they may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there. Easy to fit, glistening chrome finishing and tuned train horn sound; these horns are the complete package. Our specialized compressor kits will make you horns really sing. All of our compressor systems come complete with a 12 volt compressor, air…

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Girl honks at ship(r/videos)

After a quick search, I found a couple for 180 bucks. This one and this one on Amazon The Internet can gather 180 bucks for a good cause like this one. Onwards, fellow Redditors!

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