upvoted.top:3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit for 5 Windows

3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit for 5 Windows


Interior, 5-window insulating kit, 62″ x 252″, includes 1/2″ x 3-D/5 yards tape, clear as glass, keeps out drafts.

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Winter is coming, here is how I save a few $$ winterizing my house. (window plastic on the cheap)(r/Frugal)

You’re saving some dollars, but your method isn’t as efficient as 3M window plastic. I’ve used that stuff before and it’s great. I’d rather spend a few extra bucks to get better heat retention, plus ya know, I enjoy being able to see out my windows and have that warm natural light come in. Since you aren’t getting as much sunlight, how much extra are you using electric lights? In my opinion the 3M kit is the more frugal option.

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