upvoted.top:2 PACK - 50 Cavity Mini Silicone Bear Molds - Healthy Sugar Free Gummy's & Candy At Home. Candy M...

2 PACK – 50 Cavity Mini Silicone Bear Molds – Healthy Sugar Free Gummy’s & Candy At Home. Candy M…


The original Gummy Bear Mold. Patent Pending. If you enjoy preparing your own natural quality food at home, you’ll love these 50 cavity bear molds. Perfect for hard candies, gummies and chocolates. This convenient 2 pack caters for lots of tummies. Knowing exactly is in the food your family is eating is so important particularly children with allergies. It’s never been easier to create safe nutritious treats at home. We send you a FREE RECIPE GUIDE as a PDF containing x 4 fast and easy recipe…

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I got my gummy bear mold! Homemade raspberry and pineapple gummy bears (instructions in comments)(r/food)

This really could not have been easier to do. When I’ve made things with juice and gelatin in the past, I found that the flavor “faded” a little, so I decided to use concentrated juice–and it worked perfectly. I used a 100% raspberry juice concentrate and a 100% frozen pineapple juice concentrate at one of my local stores. You can use whatever type of juice you like!

1 cup concentrated juice

1 oz. gelatin powder

1/2 tbs lemon juice

1 tbs honey

If you decide to use fresh juice/fruit and you want to make pineapple (or mango, or kiwi, or any other juice with bromelain in it) make sure it’s boiled and before you use it to break down that enzyme or your gelatin won’t set up.

I let the gelatin “bloom” in a little of the juice for a few minutes and then gave it a good stir and whisked it into the rest of the liquid (juice, honey, lemon juice) in a heavy pot on the stove. Heat it and make sure the gelatin is 100% dissolved, but don’t bring it to a boil.

Next, fill your silicone mold. I would actually recommend using a dropper if you have one, because this part turned out to be the trickiest for me (as you can see, some of my bears are imperfectly shaped around the edges). I used a small measuring spoon, and precision was harder than I would have liked. This stuff sets up fast so work as quickly as you can.

Each 1 cup recipe makes about 100 bears (actually a little more, I had a little leftover for each flavor) so make sure you have enough molds.

Let the candies set up on the counter for a while in the mold and then transfer mold to freezer for 15 minutes. Remove, and gently pop each bear out. Transfer to a plate/tray and allow to “dry” for a few hours, then store in a sealed container. These gummies will hold their shape at room temperature, but if you’re concerned about spoilage keep them in the fridge.

EDIT: for those who want a vegetarian alternative to gelatin, you can use agar powder. You may have to tinker with it to get the texture right, but it should take about 3 tbs of agar powder for every cup of liquid.

For those who are wondering where I got the molds, I ordered mine on Amazon.

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